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How do I file a claim?

Contact us immediatly! We will assist you in completing the paperwork to file your claim.

Be prepared to make statements about the damages and provide pictures and/or accident or police reports.

Soon as your claim is submitted and adjuster will be assigned to assess the damages.

How to prepare your claim for auto, home and business losses.
Auto Claims
Keep a copy of the police report. If your cliam involves a collision, file a police report and keep a copy of it. Get the name, address, phone number and name of the other drivers insurance company before you leave the scene.  While your there, don't admit fault or offer to pay for damages as it could jeopardize your insurance claim.

Make only  temporary repairs if your home is damaged.  You should make whatever temporary repairs needed to protect your home and family from further damage or injury. . If you make any temporary repairs, make copies of the bills and receipts for your records. These should always be covered by your policy. Do not start any permanent repairs until you hear from your adjuster.

Business Liability & Other

For emergency temporary repairs or replacements of items, save the receipts for items you buy or bills for services you receive. That will help prove what items you had and how much these items or services  cost.  Photographs and/or videotapes of your home or business both pre and post disaster can be beneficial. These will help you establish an inventory of your personal property. Take photos or videos of the damages before you begin cleanup. You can use your cell phone or keep a disposable camera on hand.

>> Give us a call and we’ll be there to lend a hand <<

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